Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!

When I was invited to review the book 10-10-10 written by Suzy Welch I must admit that I was a bit skeptical about a self-help book claiming to solve our decision-making dilemmas. Suzy Welch is a bestselling co-author of Winning along with her husband Jack Welch, former Chairman and CEO of General Electric. As a journalist, author and public speaker, Welch has a list of credits to her name as the former editor of the Harvard Business Review and columnist as a life /work balance for O, The Oprah Magazine and Business Week Magazine, just to name a few.

Suzy Welch has developed a strategy she’s dubbed 10-10-10 to help us make decisions. The 10-10-10 system is a guide that breaks up time into three frames of 10 minutes, 10 months and 10 years. These time frames are not to be taken literally, but suggest the immediate present, mid-term and distant future. Welch felt that she had been making decisions based on her immediate circumstances and living too much in the present with little consideration for the long term consequences. Welch knew that her life was off-kilter and after a disastrous business trip she experienced a eureka moment. It was after this pivotal experience that she developed the 10-10-10 approach as a decision-making guide for life.

When making decisions, we sometimes get hung up at the onset with too many options, too many choices, too many unknowns and too many questions. Suzy Welch says the first thing we need to decide is how to frame our dilemma with a defined question. We can seek out advice from family, friends, co-workers. Sometimes we rely on our gut instincts or we let guilt guide our lives. In some instances we can leave the decision-making up to fate as if to say, what will be, will be. Welch warns about the influences of stress, impulse and expedience in the decision-making process.

Another crucial part of the 10-10-10 system involves defining one’s core values, beliefs, goals, dreams and needs. This can be easier said than done, but Welch gives tips and questionnaires to help guide us in this personal analysis.

The 10-10-10 decision-making process purports to help the 10-10-10ers in all areas of life including, family, parenting, love, friends and career. Welch shares candid examples of her personal struggles and supplies a broad variety of 10-10-10 stories from her ever-expanding circle of followers. Welch provides practical advice on how to implement the 10-10-10 process whether it’s in the form of a written list or an internal dialogue.

10-10-10 claims that following the decision-making process can be transforming and make us more at peace with our decisions, in turn leading to an authentic existence. It doesn’t report to be an easy process and the author mentions that the process can take time in some instances where more data is needed to make an informed decision. The 10-10-10 system requires emotional work, discipline and commitment. 10-10-10ing will give insights and an understanding of how and why your decisions and choices are made.

Suzy Welch puts it all into perspective when she states,

“…beginnings and endings are part of the human condition. We are all living; we are all dying. In between we have the gift of deciding how.”

Would you rather make decisions based on gut and guilt or would you prefer to guide your decisions with the clarity and confidence of living an authentic life? If the latter sounds better, it would be a good decision to pick up a copy of 10-10-10. Then when you hit another proverbial fork in the road, instead of complaining decisions, decisions, decisions, you can now exclaim 10-10-10!

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