Books With Bite!

I thought about using the titles ‘books with blood on them’ or books you can really sink your teeth into’ or even ‘books that really do suck’ but as you can see I went with the title ‘books with bite’. What’s this all about you ask? Well, I’m talking about vampires, blood and yes, even romance!

If you follow me on Twitter or you’re a friend on Facebook then you already know that I’m a big fan of vampires. On any given Sunday night my twits and I are all a-twitter waiting for the new episode of True Blood to air. I don’t know where my fascination with vampires started but I know I’m not alone in this fixation! From way back I’ve always been drawn to vampires. It may have all started with Anne Rice’s book Interview with the Vampire from the Vampire Chronicles. Then there was the movie Interview with the Vampire. The pre-Scientology crazed Tom Cruise and pre-Brangelina Brad Pitt were an irresistible combo in my younger years!

Last year when HBO started airing it’s
True Blood series, I found myself in vampire heaven, but then again vampires don’t really die, so there’s no heaven for them right? The True Blood television series is now in its second season and happens to be based on the Sookie Stackhouse series of books written by Charlaine Harris. Sookie Stackhouse is played by the Oscar winning talented actress Anna Paquin. Paquin’s character is an intriguing mixture of curiosity and vulnerability as a telepathic waitress with a penchant for ‘fangbanging’. Since I’ve already established that I’m a big vampire fan it won’t surprise you that I’m recommending the Sookie Stackhouse books for the adults and, just for good measure, the Twilight series for the tweens or teens. Note: HBO’s True Blood is not for the youngsters! Oh, my word, no! You might want to Tivo the show because you just know one of the kiddies will wander by in the middle of a sex scene!

The Sookie Stackhouse series is available in boxed sets of 7 or 8 titles: Dead Until Dark, Living Dead In Dallas, Club Dead, Dead To The World, Dead As A Doornail, Definitely Dead, All Together Dead, From Dead To Worse and don’t forget the most recent book Dead And Gone. Also worth noting is the collection of short stories A Touch of Dead. So far I've read Dead Until Dark and Living In Dallas and I've found they're hard books to put down. Kudos to you if you manage to read them all!

The Twilight book series is the genius of author Stephanie Meyer. The list includes: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn and the yet to be released Midnight Sun. Stephanie Meyer is also the author of The Host. Unfortunately an unedited draft of Midnight Dawn was leaked on the internet. The author has posted chapter one of Midnight Sun for fans to read on her website, along with a few words for the person who leaked the draft as well!
I’ve heard that the Twilight books are geared more toward the female species but I do know a few young males who've read and enjoyed the series too. The Twilight movie was a blockbuster success and now quick on it’s heels comes the much anticipated
New Moon movie slated for the theaters on November 20, 2009. There’s a variety of ages and interests in my testosterone infused family but for a change we all managed to enjoy the same movie; Twilight. Go figure! With this in mind I would highly recommend the Twilight movies for a family with teens. The younger dudes might squirm at the romantic parts but overall it will hold their interest and believe me it’s far better than having to endure a Fast and Furious movie marathon. BTW, thanks for that guys, not!
Just for fun, if you like vampire movies then check out this list I found for the
top 70 vampire movies of all time. It’s bloody good!